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COL LeBloinkski

7 Jan 2023

From The Colonels Desk. Greetings all, Firstly, welcome to the new faces and a warm welcome back to those returning from the break, I'm hoping you all have had a nice relaxing break because we're going straight to the deep end this year, so buckle up! This is the first in a line of unit updates posted to the website. While all critical information will still be passed through the appropriate discord channels as normal, these updates will dive a little deeper into whats going on within the unit without posting massive walls of text for those who aren't interested. It's Time For A Mod Change... Or Two. As you're all aware, a lot of change has been happening within the unit recently. Specifically around the mod list we will be using in 2023. The fist change covered is the move from CUP to RHS. The move from CUP to RHS was one that the battalion staff made, this was an executive decision as action was needed to balance the gameplay as it became apparent through player reports and the end of year survery that RHS and CUP had many differences which made the balancing of our operations quite difficult and subsequently impacted player enjoyment. With the change to all RHS the differences in armour levels, weapon damage, equipment and other areas that were once imbalanced will now be leveled out. But RHS wasn't the only change. Here is the list taken from one of our noticeboard posts of the noteable changes that were made; - AAF (French mod) has been switched out for the BWmod. The BW mod has pretty much the if not similar content, is more stable and, best of all, is a fraction of the AAF mod's size. (11GB vs 4.2GB). - 3CB weapons and vehicles (2.5GB total) have been switched out for the NIArms AIO mod (7.7GB). This adds a load of new weapons to our arsenal, including the Steyr, to rejoice all who have wanted that since the dawn of time. - Beard mod (as we didn't want to make MAJ Evilrabbit cry).

J6 Modding With the focus switching to a more condensed mod list, meaning more content that needed repacking we've opened a brand new department. The mod development department, or simply J6 Modding. J6's primary focus will be on repacking content and fixing any issues with that content. However it isn't their only focus as members have been helping with our mission scripts as well as another job, but I can't tell you all much about that yet. I'd like to say thank you to the members who have volunteered their time for this, those members being; Thunderbolt, Jupster and Lip Additionally, I want to extend a thank you to Sm0key who has been critical in establishing the department and getting it to run smoothly. What The Callsign?

Another significant change was one that happened to 2 Platoon as well as a big change in 1 Platoon. The changes in 1-2 saw Golf removed from the platoons control and placed into the hands 1-0 as well as the closing of Echo for the foreseeable future. Here are the details outlined in our noticeboard post that provide further information on the exact changes within 1-2; Echo Closing & Golf Merge. So as a plan to streamline some assets and update existing ones there will be a few ORBAT changes introduced over the coming weeks. For a start, Echo, due to lack of numbers, has been disbanded, and Golf, to expedite the flow of fire missions, has been merged into 1-0 CHQ. The Impact of Closing Echo Obviously, with no more Echo, at least, for now, capabilities that they offered are now also on the back burner. We’ll be working towards a stop-gap for impacted callsigns and to ensure Echo-related things can still be handled. Several slots will change/be adjusted to account for the closing of Echo. Expansion of Whiskeys Capabilities. Whiskey will be seeing the addition of 1x Combat Engineer slot capable of fortifying so that Whiskey can effectively establish effective cover on the go. This slot would also be able to fill other roles within Whiskey if required. Opening of 1-2 X-ray 1-2 X-Ray is intended to be the high mobility multipurpose, QRF section of the 1-2 support platoon. They specialise in section bolstering through reinforcing weak points in our active frontlines and assist our various sections with QRF capability by providing frontline combat support (e.g. assisting 1-3 in an urban clearance or assisting Mike during an MCI situation), thus you should be prepared to offer assistance in a variety of situations. They also provide further versatility for our Kilo and Golf callsigns due to their wide array of taskings and movements between other callsigns. As such, they will need to be adept in identifying crucial targets for both offensive and defensive missions in order to support surrounding callsigns, as well as being proficient in calling in such missions in a timely manner. This is a new and untested callsign that will take some time to dial in and fully sort out so note that the longevity of this section may be subject to change in the future. The members of 1-2 X-Ray have been decided after the EOI post and subsequent interview between the applicants and 1-2 PHQ. Congratulations to the following members on there new positions; CPL Dark - Section Commander PTE Fawngel - Section Medic PTE Boz E-Claire - Machinegunner LCPL Rickey - Fireteam Leader & EOD Tech PTE Dalt - Medium Anti-Tank PTE MightyMidget - Designated Marksman

Proposed Callsign 1-2 Oscar.

A very fresh concept, one that's barely off the tree. As of such we won’t give any exact details at this point in time as we're still discussing them within BHQ. However since it's on the ORBAT for everone to see, an explaination is owed. The 1-2 Oscar callsign is very much WIP and subject to a lot of change going forward. Once the groundwork has been laid and X-Ray has settled into it's role, more information will be released regarding the callsign. Additionally to answer any questions regarding it's opening, at this time there is no planned opening date for Oscar.

End of An Era & The Dawn of A New Begining.

Unfortunately due to IRL responsibilities or beloved LT Henza will be stepping away as the commander of 1-1 and moving into one of our long term reserve postions. It is thanks to Henza and Reckers that the performance during operations and overall ability of 1-1 has improved greatly and exeeded all of BHQs expectations. With the lieutenant position vacant and Reckers declining the promoition to lieutenant in favour to remain as the platoons sergeart we looked elsewhere for the next leader of the platoon. As it turns out, we didn't have to look far. As he was 3IC of the platoon under Henza and Reckers, as well as being their first choice, we would like to announce that Linstone will be stepping into the lieutenant role and will be commanding the platoon in our first operation of the new year. Congratulations to you Linstone, may you step up and achive great things. You have mighty shoes to fill.

Closing Statement

While not everything that's changes has been put into this update due to the vast ammount of discussion between members within the BHQ channels burrying things over the busy break period, we will be posting more detailed updates for future changes.

However, once again I would like to welcome everyone back to the fold for 2023. Let's make it an enjoyable year!

COL LeBloinkski ASEC

6th Battalion Headquarters

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