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BHQ Donation Statement:
Here at ASEC we wish to provide the highest quality of experience and enjoyment to our player base at all times. This means getting the best, for the best.


While we NEVER and WILL NEVER expect financial contributions from members in order to keep servers running. We understand that some members do wish to contribute financially to the unit, to this we are forever grateful as the donations will aid in the cost of hosting the servers and other assets vital to the community.


All donations are refundable for 72 hours, after this time has elapsed the donation will become non-refundable. If you wish to request a refund within this time period, please contact LTCOL LeBloinkski directly and this will be arranged immediately. 

If you would like to donate, please use the buttion below. 



We would thank those who have donated to the unit already as their support means the world and without it the unit wouldn't have made such strides as quickly as it has. 


COL LeBloinkski, LTCOL Sm0key, MAJ EvilRabbit.
ASEC Battalion HQ 

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