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2 Platoon (Infantry Support Platoon)

The Infantry Support Platoon is the main supporting force for the rest of the unit. These forces both proactively and reactively react to calls for assistance and emerging threats on the battlefield. The platoon is broken up into many sections, all with a distinct purpose:

1-2-0 Platoon Headquarters (PHQ- Commanded by LT Starkiller & SGT Tim
PHQ watches over the support callsigns and ensures they are all going where they need to go by co-ordinating with the rest of the Company. PHQ consists of five members.

1-2-1 (Oscar- Commanded by 

Oscar provides a wide array of support to the unit, as the multipurpose section they will regulalrly act as another section to complete tasking not assigned to other callsigns, however they are also expected to adapt and furfill any mission specific objectives that are out of reach of the other callsigns.

1-2-2 (Whiskey- Commanded bCPL Chase

Whiskey provides the heavy weapons to the unit. They have access to Javelins, HMGs, and other weapons that help them support the rest of the Company through bases of fire. Whiskey consists of five members.

1-2-3 (X-Ray- Commanded by CPL Dark 
X-Ray provides rapid relief to all sections within the unit. Comprised of six members X-Ray is one of the smaller callsigns, however having an EOD Tech alongside a marksman X-Ray is a truly capable and compact fighting force.

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