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1 Platoon (Infantry Platoon)

The Infantry Platoon is the main assaulting force and backbone of the unit. These are the people who maintain the frontline, push and capture key objectives and sweep or defend important areas.


The platoon consists of a Platoon Headquarters (PHQ), manned by five men, and three infantry sections, 1-1 Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, each of which are ten strong. Using these sections, PHQ has the option to split the platoon across objectives, or consolidate on a single difficult objective, making the platoon easily adaptable to whatever challenges present themselves.

The sections who comprise the first platoon and their commanders are;

1-1-0 (PHQ) - Commanded by LT Linstone & SGT Reckers

1-1-1 (Alpha- Commanded by CPL Motley

1-1-2 (Bravo)- Commanded by CPL Lip

1-1-3 (Charlie- Commanded by CPL Crossley  

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