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Welcome to the Australian Special Expeditionary Command, otherwise known as ASEC. 

Who are we?
ASEC is an Arma 3 Milsim community that endevours to achieve a realistic, immersive and enjoyable experience. With the use of real military tactics, structure and procedure as our underpinning combined with a relaxed approach, we consider ourselves to be a semi-realistic unit.

Who we play as?

We are based on a fictional department/corps of the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Elements of our ORBAT, procedures and structure are inspired by the real life ADF.

When do we run operations?

Our official operations are run every Sunday. This is the mandatory mission members are asked to be committed to coming along to.


When Daylight savings is not observed.

Load into server: 1800 AEST Op briefing: 1815 AEST

Step off: 1830 AEST

Mission end: 2030-2130 AEST


When Daylight savings is observed.

Load into server: No later than 1730 AEST

Op briefing: 1745 AEST

Step off: 1800 AEST

Mission end: 2000-2100 AEST


We also run unofficial operations and trainings throughout the week but these are optional for members to attend and varying in theme from sci-fi and fantasy to hardcore realism.

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